Top 9 Tips To Make Yourself Safe From Hacking

Nowadays hacking is common and so easily a third party can hack your device and steal all your data by some steps. They have not become stronger, we have made them stronger and gave them authority to hack our devices by taking no security steps.

Each person that has been hacked before has a 50% hand on for helping hacker by giving him easy ways to hack him/herself. Why hackers choose you to be hacked? Do you think this? the answer is simple because they know you don’t have strong securities and are very weak in front of us.

1-Don’t Access Personal Or Financial Data With Public WiFi:

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Nowadays wherever you go there is wifi service for free no matter if it is of cost or free but they are getting the biggest benefit of stealing your important information.

When you use public wifi then there is no one responsible for hacking because there are several people using it, you cant know who hacked your mobile because mostly such wifi’s are not secure. They don’t have a strong security system, so, a third party can easily hack all the devices which are connected to wifi by only getting hold of wifi.

For instance, when you use your mobile on wifi which has a third party hold on then whatever else you will do on your mobile it could be seen by a third party and only by getting some of the passwords of your bank accounts and social media.

A third party can also hold on to your mobile and for this, a third party will transfer different viruses to your mobile through that wifi. So, always use your trusty wifi device or personal mobile data, because some time of chill on free wifi can make big troubles for you.

2- Similar Browsers

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Many links and websites redirect you to another browser or web pages where you have to ask for your personal information, seems to be official web pages or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) but they all are fake pages. These pages are built similar to official ones, so by observing nobody can judge are these official or fake pages.

You can also see the difference in links of these fake pages and official ones, there is a minor change between them but they can’t be the same. They try to have an almost similar link as the official pages have. So, must view the link for judging is it safe or not.

By giving your login passwords or other pieces of information a third party can easily get hold of your personal data by which not your social media but many other your platforms can be hacked depends on the page which type of personal information is required.

3-Passcode Is Recommend

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There are many situations when your mobile is on another hand or if it is stolen, so, make sure you have a strong passcode of your mobile, passcode is the strongest security to lock your mobile because fingerprints can be put on easily by the marks of your finger or by your own fingerprint, depends on the situations when you are not being conscious. So, for protecting yourself from hacking this step should be fulfilled.

4-Free Apps Risk

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There are many apps that are free while they have cost on official websites, many people install such apps only because they are free of cost while they don’t know the reason behind such free apps.

Many of such apps have different viruses or spam data which after installing can be used to steal your data for a third party from whom sites or links you download free apps. Make sure you download apps from official sites by this, you can make your data secure from a third party.

5-Allow Options Are Not Secure

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You will see there are many apps that are used for work purposes where there is no concern to allow huge permissions, there are restrictions to allow them before using.

Why they have such restrictions? Why they want you to such huge permissions? This is because they want to take hold of your mobile to get your data which can be used for many illegal works.

6-GPS, Location Should Be Off

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Many times hackers use certain features of your phone to get your information. Make sure to turn off such features(GPS, location, wireless connection, etc)

Hacker is willing to get even your smallest information from these features and modes that you have turned on. Try to turn on them when you need them because

7- Setting Up One Drive

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Set up one drive so you can log out your online activity in case your mobile stolen your data should be secure on your mobile. You can set your drive lock and erase all your data after many wrong sign-in attempts.

You can get help from your Google account by signing in, you can get many options there to find your mobile or trace if mobile location service is on and you can also erase all your data by which a third party can’t do anything from your mobile.

8- Secure From Blackmailing

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Most hackers used your private data for blackmailing, they capture your content which is too private and adult. They want to steal your such works information which in your opinion you haven’t done legally, after that they start blackmailing you and asked you to fulfill their different demands otherwise they will viral your personal content.

So, make sure u don’t have any such content which is an adult or such information that you don’t want to show anybody.

9- Two-Step Verification

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Now if there are many ways for hacking then there are also more strong securities, one of them is two-step verification which makes your social accounts more secure.

Nobody can get hold of your social accounts even if a third party knows your password because by having two-step verification security in social accounts.

Your social accounts can’t be open on another device till they don’t know the security code of two-step which by settings you can make more secure by changing of security code continuously after a short interval of time. Therefore getting safe from hacking two-step is recommended.

These are all the easy tips that you can use for making yourself safe from hacking because these days hackers have made a lot of trouble and fear for a common person to use social media on his rights. So, must follow these tips to protect yourself by hacking or your personal data not to be stolen. Must comment below if you like these tips and want me to write more about this.

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